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As each day passes, I realize more and more just how unimportant most things are in relation to my relationship with Jesus Christ and my relationship with my family. I find myself busy doing really mindless but so-called 'important' things...afterwards I reflect on how that time could have been well spent in prayer, devotion and worship, or evangelizing, but that time has now slipped through my fingers, to be gone forever! It is my heartfelt endeavor for 2008 to find, and create more time carved out to be specifically, totally devoted to my First Love, the Lover of my Soul.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Day is Coming...

It seems like any other ordinary day. You are in your car driving home from work. Your thoughts wander to the show on television that you want to see and the meal you want to eat, when suddenly a sound unlike any you've ever heard fills the air. The sound is high above you. Is it a trumpet? A choir? A choir of trumpets? You don't know, but you want to know.

So you pull over, get out of your car, and look up. As you do, you see you aren't the only curious one. The roadside has suddenly become a parking lot. Car doors are open, and people are staring at the sky. Shoppers are racing out of the grocery store. The Little League baseball game across the street has come to a halt. Players and parents with their faces turned upward are searching the skies.

As if the sky were a curtain, the drapes of the atmosphere part. A brilliant light spills onto the earth. There are no shadows. None!

From every hue ever seen and a million more never seen, riding on the flow is an endless fleet of angels. They pass through the curtains, myriads at a time, until they occupy every square inch of the sky.

North, South, East, and West.

Thousands of silvery wings rise and fall in unison, and over the sound of the trumpets, you can hear the cherubim and seraphim chanting, Holy, Holy, Holy! The final flank of angels is followed by twenty-four silver-bearded elders and a multitude of souls who join the angels in worship, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come

Presently the movement stops and the trumpets are silent, leaving only the triumphant triplet: Holy, Holy, Holy. Between each word is a pause. 'Holy' has suddenly become so much more than just a mere adjective. With each word, you sense a profound reverence, more than the word itself can contain. You lift your voice to join in the chorus. You have joined in the proclamation as the Spirit has now given you utterance.

And suddenly, the heavens are quiet. All is quiet. The angels turn, you turn, the entire world turns and there He is: Jesus.

Through waves of moving light you see the silhouetted figure of Christ the King. He is atop a great stallion, and the stallion is atop a huge, white, billowing cloud. He opens his mouth, and you are totally consumed by his declaration:

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

The angels bow their heads. The elders remove their crowns. And before you is a Figure so intensely permeating that you know….you instantly you know: Nothing else matters. Forget the stock markets and school reports….the sales meetings and the football games…. Nothing else is newsworthy… Nothing else has ever really mattered…all that you wasted time on, matters no more... For Christ has come.

My question to you the reader: Are you ready for this day? Are you ready to meet the King of Kings? Your day to meet Jesus may not be the Day of His Second Coming, but sooner! So again, I ask you, are you ready to meet the King of Kings?


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